“Now I write like a true professional”

“Now I write like a true professional”


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Here is My Testimonial

When I attended the Effective Business Writing Course in December, 2018, I was just hoping for a class that could teach me what i needed to get my boss off my back so i can write his letters and emails professionally like he would want. I actually paid for the class myself because I had had it with the many corrections and comments my boss passes every time I write. Plus we had lost a big contract 2 weeks before because, let’s just say; my email was error ridden. So i really needed help.

Effective Business Writing Course was just the help I needed. The class was funny, with a lot of examples and very engaging. I found every aspect of it very useful. It was simple and easy to understand. Now I write like a true professional. My boss is a happy man and I, i am just excited to be the latest super star of corporate communication.

  • Pricilia Anumudu

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