Inversion Social

INVERSION Social helps youths in developing economies learn skills required for employment and entrepreneurship.

Creating a World that works

With Inversion Social we are creating a world that works; where youths have the skills they need to get into available jobs or start their own businesses. At the core of being able to find work, keep work or create work are skills. Skills are the levers through which value is created.

As such, central to every conversation about how to tackle youth unemployment across the globe or within local communities, must be a drive to equip young people with skills. And this should rightly encompass; technical, vocational, entrepreneurial and employability skills.

We work with partners, across the world, to train youths in diverse local communities, on the skills required to move from unemployment or underemployment to profitable employment; where they have the capacity to create and share their best work in markets around them.

Our Approach

We are progressively achieving our vision of creating a world that works through these channels:

Vocational Skills Training for Indigent Youths
We work within underdeveloped communities to provide vocational skills training in high demand sectors for youths who mostly do not have the opportunity to complete their formal education or access employment.
Workplace Readiness Training for University Undergraduates
We work within universities by providing work readiness training through; employability seminars, facilitating visits by professionals into the classrooms, providing volunteering and internship opportnuities for undergraduates as well as teacher training programmes for teaching entrepreneurship in the university.
Online School for Employability Skills
We have set up a free online school that contains key courses on workplace readiness and job search skills; open to youths across the world.
We push to influence policy that support entrepreneurship development and foster innovative youth-led business ecosystems in various countries of the world
Social Development Consultancy
We work with governments to provide an effective roadmap to employment creation, youth capacity development and overall economic growth.
Enterprise Hubs and Business Incubator Programmes
We are looking to set up and manage entrepreneurial hubs in communities that are underserved with spaces that foster business growth, interactions and easy access to funding.