Be an Indispensable Staff

Be an Indispensable Staff

Want to get ahead at work? Cozy up to the person who signs off on your raises.  Well, maybe it’s not that simple (nor should you be that obvious), but it can never hurt to try and stay on your boss’s good side.

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“Your relationship with your manager is the most important relationship you have at your job.

Follow these tips

Get to Know Your Manager

You can’t make your boss’ life easier if you don’t understand how he/she  fundamentally operates. So, your first step is to figure out what h/she needs from you and how you should deliver it.

Does he/she prefer updates delivered in written form or verbally? Spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides? Does he/she want information conveyed via email, during a team meeting, or on a voicemail?

Getting to know your manager and his/her preferences will help you deliver the information he/she needs the way he/she needs it. And who doesn’t appreciate that?

Know Your Boss’ Goals

As an employee, you may be so focused on your own goals that you forget that you’re actually there to support your manager achieving her/his goals. So, make it your job to understand the goals, numbers, projects, and other deliverables your boss is accountable for.

It’s as simple as asking your manager his/her goals during one-on-one meetings “If I’m aware of your goals and priorities, I can better support you in achieving them. Can you share these with me, so that I can help you succeed?” Once you understand her/his goals, you’ll be able to produce deliverables that support his/her success.

Don’t Expect Your Boss to Spoon-Feed You

It may sound harsh, but no manager wants to babysit an employee. So if you have questions about health insurance, where to find the pencils, or how to file an expense report, find a colleague who can help you get your answers.

Meet (or Beat!) Your Deadlines

When you get an assignment from your manager, enthusiastically commit to the deadline (this means “I’m on it!” not, “I’ll see what I can do”). Then, aim to deliver it at least a day early.

This gives your boss time to flex and adapt in case something comes up and it always does rather than sweating it out for you to deliver something at the very last minute.

Offer Solutions, Not Problems

Your job is not to constantly point out problems that arise, but rather, to proactively start thinking about what solutions could help address those challenges.

For example, you should never walk into your boss’ office to complain how the administrative department aren’t getting to work early. Instead, you should first go to the administrative department, have a conversation about what can be done to improve the situation, and see what you can do to help.

Then, when you do go to your boss about it, you’ll be able to let him or her know the action you’ve already taken to start solving the problem.

Employees who work to make their managers successful are golden. Your manager has a tough job; the stress and pressure of which may not be abundantly evident to you. So, help your manager out and develop your own skills at the same time, by doing everything you can to make your boss’ job easier. When you’re a manager, you’ll appreciate the same.

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