Inversion is a management consulting firm.

At Inversion, we use strategic insight, research and a deposit of experiences to provide advice and solve complex problems for leading businesses, institutions and governments..

Vision & Mission

Directly impact ten percent of the world’s population with our soft skills training programmes
Vitalise local economies across the world by equipping doers with core skills in mind management, leadership, communication and interpersonal relationships

Our Services

Consulting Services:

Inversion solves problems by critical insight into markets, internal operations, people and a holistic appreciation of available facts to design and map out the best lines of action for a business, government or institution, in view of agreed objectives.

Documentation & Compliance:

Inversion works with organizations to prepare necessary documents to meet specific objectives. This includes; business plans, human resource policy document, corporate governance structure document etc.

Training & Capacity Building:

Technical and Soft Skills development to improve the capacity of individuals and teams to achieve predetermined goals. This includes training needs analysis, designing learning programmes, and training implementation for individuals and teams.


Publishing & Content Creation

Inversion creates engaging materials like books, videos, podcasts etc; to distribute our insights at scale.