No one wants to feel like they are being disregarded. Whether you’re a manager, owner or employee, you want to feel like your ideas, feelings and presence are respected. Allowing your employees to display disrespectful or degrading behaviors will result in a poor workplace culture and is likely to increase employee turnover.

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Encouraging mutual respect will help to:

  • Reduce workplace stress, conflict and problems. An increase in workplace respect will help to improve communication between colleagues, increase teamwork and reduce stress as peace in the workplace soars.
  • Increase productivity, knowledge and understanding. As mutual understanding and respect increase, the exchange of ideas will rise which will increase company knowledge and innovation. Reducing the amount of pettiness and workplace politics will also assist in increasing productivity. The goal will shift from one-upping a colleague to focusing on the company as a whole.

Additionally, your company will experience a more positive culture and you will notice an increase in employee satisfaction and a decrease in turnover. Respect in the workplace is vital, and it is not solely the responsibility of your employees.

As a leader, lead by example, demonstrating acceptable behaviors and attitudes, and treating all your employees fairly.


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